Here are the classic episodes made by Jacob Lenard!

Those are the episodes in english, so if you're looking for the french dubs, click on "French Dubs"

Season 1

Mugman's wish

Mugman gets into shape

Mugman's pet

Mugman can't sleep

The Cricket

Sunshine's Dinner

Mugman's headphones

Dollar Land

Leap the creek

Mugman and the wand

Season 2

Mugman at the driving range

One strike!

The Big Mouthed Bumbler

Hook, Line and Saucer

Teanna's Job

Wizard pest control

Dollar Land Redux

Pementa's Fear

Sunshine's checkup

Mugman gets into shape (Remaster)

Season 3

Mugman's Hot date

Mugman and the Flight Contest

Search for Wedgewood


Shorts and other stuff

Mugman's Snowman

Rock Tennis

Mugman's shower

10 000 Views!

Wedgwood Marathon

Teanna's treat trouble


My pet cassowary

The Quarter test

Candy Machine

Weird dream n°1

Weird dream n°2

Rain dodger

Cool Cactus trick

Above the mistletoe

Unfinished Animations

What's up Mugman?

New Years '16

Mugman's Mixed Media

"And We Go" Book by Tom Whitman

Bootleg Rugrats Toys

"Can you herd me now" T-Shirt

Dancing Hamster

"Lady Cruncher" Pac Man clone Video Game

"Mario's Balls" Video Game