Okay this is where I answer emails. Please send some, again it's peppershaker203@coolsite.net. You can also click on the puking mailbox above [It is an archive, so it obviously won't work]. Poor rabbit, I'd hate to live with that mailbox. :\

Topic : Frankenstine
From : Sky Game
ARE YOU ALIVE? If so have a cookieEmoji Also, I'm making Pixel Art! Should I make one? One of you, One of Mugman, and one of you two together! I'll try my best!
I think I may have died at one point, but I'm okay now. Anyway, isn't what I'm seeing already pixel art? Why not modern art? Why do people look at old ancient art? I once went to an art museum and saw a painting of a soup can, and I thought that was stupid. I had soup the other day, so I don't get what's so special. Okay bye :P ~ Pementa

Topic : Age
From : Jack Way
How old are you? And how come you don't ever expire?
Hmm... how old am I? I don't remember. My birthday was almost a year ago. :P Somewhere between 11 and 16 I think... Also, I'm not milk. I don't expire :| Okay byeeee :P ~ Pementa.

Topic : What would you like to do in the future?
From : Zmxha Wrhbg
Just wondering. ☺
I want to be an artist, a writer, a goddess, an aardvark, and Mugman's wife. ^.^ Okay bye :P ~ Pementa

Topic : i don't know what to put here
From : Kyle E
What do you think of Mugman's sister?
Oh, Teanna? She's soooooooo cool. I wish I was like her, she's so strong. When Mugman's not around I ask her what he's up to. She calls me a stalker :P Okay bye. ~Pementa

Topic : I made a hyper-realistic version of you!
From : AutobotCharlie
Hey there Pementa! To make you, Mugman, and possabliy the world happy, I made a realistic version of you!

Hey, that looks nothing like me! That looks like the actress from Crazy Night 3. I hate her voice, it gives me a migrane. I'm not happy and Mugman wouldn't be either! >.< Okay my mac and cheese is done, bye. ~ Pementa

Topic : Hey Pementa!
From : I made this drawing of you, Teanna, Mugman, and Sunshine.
I made this drawing of you, Teanna, Mugman, and Sunshine. How do you like it?

Hmm... not bad. B) Though Sunshine looks like a shoebill... Okay bye :P ~ Pementa

Topic : Hi Pementa!
From : Mario90007 The Man
I Made You A Picture For You!

Hope You Like It!

-- It's A Me! Mario!
You aren't Mario. That isn't Mario. That isn't Teanna, that's me. That isn't the sun, you got his face all wrong. Who is the bear with belly teeth? That sounds pretty normal to me, I don't see what's odd. This art is scaring me :/ ~ Pementa

From : Platinum Network
Do you think mugman will ever become aware that you love him?
In my dreams, I've been trying to tell him for at least a year and he still doesn't get it. :( ~ Pementa

Topic : Mugman's past
From : Freaks of Nature
Pementa, did you know Mugman used to be a villain? He stopped because everyone thought he was lame. I hear he doesn't like to talk about it.
Sounds like his evil clone. Mugman told me he once accidentally made an evil clone when he had some wizard's wand. I've encountered him before. He tried to throw a mug at me but said I was gross because I'm a girl. Okay bye :P ~ Pementa

Topic : final
From : Jason Kelly
my sister decided to make her own mugman character. So she drew it. His name is "candleman". Do you like the drawing atleast? btw last email I swear to the mugman bible.

He looks exactly like Mugman. If I met him, I'd sock him in the jaw because there can only be one Mugman. THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!!!! Okay bye :P ~Pementa

Topic : Re: fanart
From : nuhta1
im so happy you liked my fanart! I remastered it. sorry if its worse. Anyways. I forgot to ask you something! Are you gonna do fanart of the week or anything similar? Tell mugman I said hi! Open-mouthed smile

You ruined it. Anyway, I don't get enough fanart for that. :/ Also, I told Mugman you said hi and he asked "Who?". I didn't have an answer because I don't know you. ALSO, close your mouth, you're reminding me of Harold. Okay bye :P ~ Pementa

Topic : fanart
From : nuhta1
hi Pementa! I just want to say I like your page! I drew some fanart for you! You and mugman are really funny! Anyways. Hope you enjoy!

Why is my head so big and why am I wearing pink shoes? THEY'RE PURPLE. Uggggh. And what did you do to Mugman's face?! IT LOOKS LIKE A POTATO! AAAARRRGH!!! I love it. okay bye :P ~Pementa

Topic : Pementa
From : Eliot
Are you ever going to ask Mugman out?
Sent from Windows Mail

Yes. Several times. He doesn't understand what it means, it's SO FRUSTRATING. >.< Okay bye.... ~ Pementa

Topic : PING
From : Callum W
SUP, what's your favorite thing to do when you're not hanging out with Mugman?
PS: How do I make my toast the perfect brown
From your bro, Callum Wales
You're not my brother... are you? Anyway, I like updating this site, drawing, and thinking about Mugman. Also brown toast is weird. Okay bye :P ~ Pementa

Topic : Hello
From : lori adkins
How many pictures of mugman do you have??
Not enough :| Okay bye xP ~ Pementa

Topic : Hi
From : Jacob Turbo
Hi is tis a reall yee mail? i would like to nod??
What's a Yee Mail? Is that a e-mail for pirates? Are you a pirate??? STAY AWAY FROM MY DRESSER, I KEEP SOLID GOLD IN THERE! :P Okay bye ^.^ ~ Pementa

Topic : Gotta question for ya, better answer now.
From : Psyneel Gangnampur
Are you a fan of this cool new band called the Backstreet Boys? They just released a new compilation album and it's really cool.?
The Backstreet Boys?! That's the gang downtown who tried to mug my dad once!!! I'M NOT BUYING ANYTHING FROM THEM!!! >.< Okay bye :P ~ Pementa

Topic : You've got mail! :D
From : Blue Bear Plays
never fails, it makes me wanna wag my tail, and it makes wanna wail,
MAAAIIILLLL! Hi!! Nice to meet you Pementa! I really hope you read
this. I'm sending this via AOL, LOL JK I'm using my iPod. AOL is so
old. :) I forgot what I was gonna say. Oh well. BYE!!!!

Blue Bear?! You're alive?! I thought Wompy tore you apart when I was 6! Come back to me! You have an iPod too?! WHY DIDN'T YOU SEND ME ONE! WHY???!?!?! I MISS YOU SO MUCH ;_; Okay bye bye :P ~ Pementa

From : Blue Bear Plays
You just got a letter, you just got a letter, you just got a letter!
Wonder who it's from? It's me Blue Bear of course! I'm in looove with
your blog, your the best pepper shaker ever! <333333 Anyways, I was
wondering do you ever get the feeling, that someone's watching you lol
that always happens to me!
Hey wait a minute, I realize that you're "Blue Bear PLAYS", not the Blue Bear I remember. Thank you for getting my hopes up you freaking PHONY. GO AWAY. SCRAM. I DON'T NEED YOU. WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO SAY NEXT I'M NOT LISTENING. AAAAAAAAAUUGGGHHH Okay bye bye :P ~ Pementa

Topic : Quick Question
From : William Lyon
Hey Pementa! Who would win in a fight? A robot? Or Stewie from Family Guy?
Family Guy... isn't stewie already a robot? or is that the dog? because dogs dont talk... except robot dogs lol. though I think I heard a dog talk to me once. He asked if I drank soda or not. Okay bye ^.^ ~ Pementa

Topic : hi
From : Kaz Blocks
hi :)
Shut up SHUT UP PLEASE. Okay bye :P ~ Pementa

Topic : No Subject
From : Jimmy ME
WHAT YEAR IS YOU IN Sent from 13 years into the future
Heeey Jimmy YOU from the future. What year is it in me? 14, though I'll be turning 15 in a few months. I hope I get Super Space Scones 3D Deluxe for my birthday. Or maybe a keyboard. I like listening to the demos. Hopefully that's what u were asking for, okay bye bye :P

Topic : Oh hello Peppershaker203
From : Cody Fordham
Does this actually work?
Umm... I don't know, I thought I got it repaired last week at the bike shop. I like bikes. I want a bike. Okay bye :P ~ Pementa

Topic : Johnny
From : Elias Lopez
Hey Pementa, I was wondering why you hate Johnny so much. What has he done?
Ever since he tied my squeaky squawky pig toy to a firework, which was Wompy's favorite toy, and he hit a rock at my mom's car (it wasn't my car, but the thought of him throwing a rock at my car is equally infuriating). Okay bye :) ~ Pementa

Topic : Hey!
From : Homestar Toontown
hello im homestar and how does mugman drink?
Homestar? Isn't that a baseball term? My cousin Harold would like you. Anyway, he drinks like everyone else, through his mouth. He really likes coffee. I give him a bag of coffee beans every time we meet..... ; ) okay bye ~ Pementa

Topic : Ever heard of this website called Newgrounds?
From : Cole Beaulieu
Just askin'..
Your name sounds like Coal Blue Blue. Anyway, new grounds? Did they open up a ground? I'm gonna miss the old one, all the steps I've taken on it :( Okay bye ~ Pementa

Topic : mugmans site
From : Mieszko Noy
hi pementa !!! can u get mugman to update his website :B im gonna hurt him if he doesnt!

Please send more ^.^ Please don't send me more than one email or i'll get my aunt to hack you. okay bye XD