While animating the cartoons, sometimes Jacob Lenard accidentally places the characters in the wrong place, uses the wrong backgrounds, or mess up the scale. The results usually look like this.

Mugman and Teanna get trapped in the black void.

Mugman's dumb clone.

"I don't know why I'm so big, Teanna!"

"Psst. Teanna, I've shrunk."


Mugman and Sunshine block Mugman's view.

Teanna looks where the sun don't shine.

"EY! Stand still! I ain't fallin' off!"

Teanna's Teanna puppet.

"Who knew?"

Sunshine is confused by Double Pementa.

The door that leads to nowhere.

Good poster.

Mugman and Teanna are gonna both punch the punching bag at the same time.

Mugman has a son, and he's teaching him how to feed Sunshine a plum.

"Mugman, you're way too close."

The Teanna Twins.


Pementa's in for a big surprise.

Mugman consumes a man (Jamie).

"Do the Doorknob Dance!!"

Johnny discovers the Wasp Portal.

To the moon!

Yikes! is right.

The Twin Pementas discover a payphone.

Jacob Lenard had the ripple effect too high.

"And then my body left my legs AGAIN..."

Sunshine is scared by his head popping off

sunshine lost his head ...but he doesn't care,
and apparently teanna's oblivious to it