Early Designs and Scrapped characters!

This is where you can find Early Designs and Scrapped characters!

Characters early designs

The Very first drawing of Mugman

Mugman's First design,
he originally was a criminal

Probably one of the last
Comic with Mugman as a criminal

1st design of the Non-criminal Mugman

Probably a scrapped design of Mugman

Early Design of Mugman's 2017 version

Teanna's 1st design with Pigtails
(If you can call them like this)

Teanna's 2nd design without the pigtails this time

3rd and last Early design of Teanna before
her 1st Official design (she's not very different)

Pementa's 1st design, she was supposed to be a cup?

Pementa's 2nd Design and 1st one as a Peppershaker

Pementa's 3rd design (Not very
different from her official design)

Design that looks like the 2016 one,
but with (almost) realistic Limbs

A Design of Pementa with her feets replaced with Wheels. At first View, this may looks cool, but when you realize that She got them due to an Amputation, this design is actually atrocious

Four other drawing of Pementa with Wheels feets (The 4th one is the only one realistic)

Sunshine's 1st design, it was very goofy looking...

The Free Wizard's 1st design, who looks extremely angry

The Free Wizard's 2nd design, who actually
looks like the squeeze toy from which he's based of

Papa's 1st design, he looks more "white" than in his Final design

Onion O Reily's 1st design, this design was scrapped probably because he was too ugly...

Unused or Scrapped characters

Since adding the other drawings might take a lot of time, I might add some other images later..

To start the list up, Here are Mugman's Parents,
Too bad that Jacob Lenard didn't want them to
appear in the Cartoon

Still in Mugman's family, Here is Mugman's Grandfather.
Unlike Mugman's parents, the Grandpa was supposed to
appear in an episode that unfortunately,
was scrapped...

again in Mugman's Family, Here is Uncle Nutcracker.
His bite is strong enough to break a nut shell.
He also Should've appeared
in an episode of Mugman,
But he couldn't. He is also one of the earliest Character of The series
(The First time He appeared was in
a tweet from 2014 by Jacob Lenard)

Still and again in Mugman's family,
here is Uncle Brewstein, he's a Drunk Guy! However,
However, unlike with the other member of Mugman's family,
Cutting Brewstein from the show was a good decision for once.
You know... For kids!
You wouldn't see a drunk guy in a
Family-Oriented Cartoon! Would you?

Here is a redesign of Uncle Brewstein,
it was quite unnecessary, since Brewstein was
cut from the show.

To wrap it up with Mugman's Family, here is Mugman (on the right) with his Grandmother (on the left) (She's Probably named "Mugmaw")
she was supposed to appear in an episode where Mugman,
Pementa and Sunshine were supposed to save the Grandma from a fly
Fly that annoyed her. The episode was lost in an Hard Drive Failure,
and only a part of the cartoon was saved.....
Click here to take a look at the saved part

Here is a Very early Character made by Jacob Lenard :
Mr. Bob. In the web-series, he is an officer. He has a Rocket skateboard as a Vehicle.
He is one of the rare scrapped characters to
actually appear in the Cartoon (He appears in "the Big Mouthed Bumbler"). He was supposed to appear in an episode that stars him,
but the episode was scrapped because Jacob thought it was stupid and barely had any ideas to continue.

The mighty Griffin is a character that couldn't appear in the series surely because
Jacob Lenard didn't know what to do with him.
This griffin isn't very glorious...

Here is the Bully. She appeared in a drawing where she was fighting against Teanna, but she neither appeared in the Cartoon.

Here is an Image that could represents a prototype of
before Mugman's slight redesign mid 2016

Here is Wompy, he is Pementa's pet Dead Capybara (or Zompybara)
, It is unknown why he didn't appear in a cartoon
(Even thought he was suupposed to appear in a scrapped episode)

Here's another scrapped character named Sugar....

And here's yet another scrapped character named "Software Wizard"....