-Full Name : Pementa Peppershaker
-Age : 20 -Birthday : 31th of July (Leo)
-Specie : Pepper Grinder
-Nationality : American/Canadian
-Spoken Languages : English, Spanish
-Height : TBA -Weight : TBA
-Occupation : Self Emplo(yee)d Artist, and Knock-Off Enthusiast
-Friends : Mostly eveyrone, but especially Farid Hissunah, Cherrita Cherrypie and 19 Ohm Tronika
-Enemies : Melissa Yavechi (Frenemy), Dadicus Ben Lasadiah (Frenemy)
-Family : Saltine (Sister), Gene (Father), Diane (Mother), Caffina (Daughter), Cayenne (Grandmother).
-Likes : birds, doing things with Mugman, Music, drawing
-Favorite Food : Mac'n'Cheese
-Dislikes : Squirrels

Description (By Pementa)
Hiiiii!!! My name is Pementa. Or Pementa Peppershaker if I may get Nerdy. I am the proud Mother of Caffina Peppershaker (that you probably know who's the Father), But I also am an artist with a very creative mind, though a bit insane and erratic, but I'm also very social and outgoing most of the time! You'll like having me as a friend, but if you were to be my enemy, you would quickly regret it, because I would become your worst nightmare!
Oh and By the way: You can watch my Introduction video here : (Coming Soon)