This is where I'll answer to your Emails. My Adress is totopont77@gmail.com (You surely know about that, if you looked at the "About" part) Send me for example a nice comment, or a question about Mugman, Or even a fan art or something like that, and I'll answer to it, As long as it is appropriate ;)
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Subject : MugMan Fanart
From : PBRerri PB
Sent : 17/10/2021 (Answered on 21/10/2021)
Original (english) : I made some MugMan fanart for your french mugman website!
It's intended to be on the menu page, and if it doesn't get used for the menu then that's okay!

-English :Ah... Finally a new mail after 10 months... 10 LONG MONTHS!!! By the way! Your art looks cute! I'll definitely use it for the Menu! Great Job! (I wrote this before I Realized that someone called "Lenstar Archive" Sent me his Mail)

Okay bye ^_~ - Totofer77 (The website creator)

Subject : My Fanart!
From : Matt Cosman
Sent : 15/12/2020
Original (english) : Alright, here’s my fanart. Pementa doing the Distraction Dance.

-English :Oh isn't this the famous Meme of Henry Stickmin doing this dance? Anyways, I love it! Your Fan art is Successful!

Okay bye ^_~ - Totofer77 (The website creator)

Subject : Fanart
From : Matt Cosman
Sent : 15/12/2020
Original (english) : Hey, so, um… how do I send fanart?
-English :Oh nothing's easier, just insert the image (Fan art) with your mail, but beware, the Image has to be appropriate.

Okay bye ^_~ - Totofer77 (The website creator)