Menu arts!

This is where you can find each images that represents each one of the used (or unused) Menu arts

Arts from the original Website

2-Hey! It's me, Mugman! and welcome
to my website!

3-Excuse me sir, but are you a wizard?

4-It's me, Mugman!

13-If Mugman had a video game
(On Nintendo 64 or PlayStation)

14-Mugman watch television with Sunshine
(Mugman 64)

15-Mugman explain the tutorial in his game
(Mugman 64)

16-Where is sunshine?
(Mugman 64)

17-No Mugman, I didn't see it.
I've gone blind. And deaf.
(Mugman 64)

18-Mugman's adventure begins!
(Mugman 64)

19-Mugman meets Pementa
(Mugman 64)

20-Johnny and Papa are cleaning the garage
(Mugman 64)

(Mugman 64)

22-Teanna is looking for something
(Mugman 64)

26-Don't worry Mugman, your cartoon
will come back soon

27-Meet the cast!

28-Meet the characters!

32-Night Walk.

33-Nothing beats sitting under the
plum tree on a nice summer day.

34-Mugman... What is this thing?

35-How hard could it be?

36-Now let's wipe the little pest
out of the face of the Earth

37-Pementa walking while listening to music

38-Old Gmod models of Mugman, Teanna, and Johnny.

39-Mugman on Garry's Mod

40-Mugman's 3rd Weird Dream

41-It's him, Mugman in 3D

42-It's him, Mugman in 3D with his friends

43-Mugman (3D)

44-Mugman and Teanna (3D)

45-Mugman and Teanna with sunshine (3D)

46-Teanna is bored (3D)

47-Mugman and Teanna as kids

48-It's me, Mugman! 2

49-Selfie between friends

50-TV night for Mugman and Teanna

61-A drawing of Mugman

62-A drawing of Mugman 2

63-A drawing of Mugman 3

65-A drawing of Mugman 4

66-A drawing of Mugman 5

68-Plushies of Mugman and Teanna

74-Welcome to

75-Welcome to 2

91-The Clay models of Mugman are there!
(by FierceTheBandit)

92-Mugman looks cool in a traditional drawing.

93-Some nice Mugman fan arts

94-Some nice Mugman fan arts 2

95-Some nice Mugman fan arts 3

96-Mugman in an action movie!
(by Flabbyfin)

97-Puyo Puyo! Mugman Version

98-A handmade Mugman model

99-A handmade Mugman model 2

100-Mugman in a desert

101-The wizard squeeze toy that the
Free Wizard is based off of.

102-Mugman being a derp while riding a fish.

103-How did I get here?

104-A front, side, and back view of Mugman

105-Mugman running away from his old self

106-Mugman in 3D Movie Maker

107-Mugman on MS-DOS

Arts with Images took from Jacob Lenard

5-Mugman and Teanna as kids 2


8-Mugman's parents

11-High five!

12-TV night for Mugman and Teanna
(Not happy version)

23-Mugman on MS-DOS 2

64-It's me! Mugman on the Nintendo 64!

67-Plushies of Mugman and Pementa

76-(modern) Mugman and (modern) Pementa
are swimming

77-(modern) Pementa's (modern) Mugman costume

78-(modern) Mugman and Pementa's

79-(modern) Mugman and Pementa
in 3D


81-(modern) Pementa's new dress

83-Mugman and his mother

84-Mugman and his father

85-Mugman and his mother 2

88-8 variations of Pementa (Classic)

89-Teanna Clip art

90-Pementa Clip art

Arts with "Original" art

6-Untilted Mugman Screenshot

9-Metro Golwin Mugman

10-My ancestors were dinosaurs

25-Wedg of the Wood
("King of the Hill" Parody)

29-Johnny's Journey!

54-What's the technique?

55-Mugman is loafing around

56-Teanna is so angry that she became wild!

57-No smoking please...

58-A creepy meeting

59-Pementa's secret

60-Pementa's secret 2

70-My Mugman Plush

71-Modern Saltine Welcomes you

72-A present fo Modern Saltine

82-Classic Mugman team VS
Modern Mugman Team

86-(Modern) Pementa's new swimsuit

87-Thursday Lenstar Night

108-8 variations de Pementa (Moderne partie 1)

108-8 variations de Pementa (Moderne partie 2)

110-La petite Saltine et sa Petite Soeur

Arts with Images took from Fan arts

24-Pementa with wheels feet
(by Memtoons and Cosmictoons)

51-Mugman recomfort Modern Pementa
(by Cosmictoons)

52-Pementa meets her 1st design
(By Cosmictoons)

53-The Pementas switches her heads
(By Cosmictoons)

73-It's me Mugman
(By SomePkmn-LovingDude)

111-Young Saltine reading a book
(By Cosmictoons)

112-Mugman Pementa and Teanna
(By Nbrad Pencil)

113-A cool drawing of Pementa

114-Pike and the Computer

115-Something is wrong, Saltine?

116-A cute drawing of Maggie and Necky

117-Pementa and Saltine in a selfie

118-Mugman France!
(By PBRerri)

Crossover arts

69-Mugman and Matt
(Matt belongs to Cosmictoons)

Arts that were used only during the development

0-Don't worry, Mugman. Your (French)
Website will come soon (Image test)

1-Repose-toi encore un peu, sunshine.
Le site n'est pas encore terminé (Image test)

Since adding the other drawings might take a lot of time, I might add some other images later.