Dear Web-surfer

This is where I'll tell you how and why did I make this website.

So, everything started in May 2020 when I had a book about learning HTML5 and CSS3, because I wanted to make a website about Mugman to make him popular in France.

I gave up on the projects a few days later, then I continued working on it on October 2020, after gaving the Idea (that failed) to the creator of Mugman to make a spin off. Of course, it didn't work...

Some were for this Idea (and supported me during the developpement), some other were against this Idea (And told me to give up)...

Of course, I listened to the one who were for the Idea. And this is how I made it until there, by making this website (or fansite)

If you want to send a mail, here is my Email Address :

You can send me suggestions and Ideas for my website, for an animation to feature in "Original Episodes", or to show me a fan art..

However, any Hate/Offensive/NSFW Mail sent to my address will be deleted without any hesitation.
(By the way, to avoid me mistaking your E-mails with spams, you'll have to add your subject as " : (Your subject here)", Thanks)

Well, here is my website Button (That is also called a 88x31).

If you like my website, don't hesitate to add it to yours.

Well, I think This is all I needed to say...